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  • Nearly 8 in 10 Pennsylvania adults read a print or digital #newspaper in the past week1

  • #Newspapers attract Millennials – Nearly 7 in 10 PA adults age 18-34 read a print or digital
    #newspaper in the past week1 

  • 86 percent of media consumers use #newspaper inserts, compared to direct mailers.2

  • 82 percent of all consumers use coupons received through #newspaper inserts3

  • Eight in 10 #newspaper readers took action as a result of reading a #newspaper ad in the past month4

  • PA #newspapers rate highest for explaining the most important local news and information – 20% higher than television5

  • 87 percent of PA #newspaper  readers  have read public notice advertising5

  • 87 percent of PA adults say keeping the public informed  of government activities through public notices is a worthwhile use of government funds5

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