PNA White Papers

White Papers Help News Media Organizations Increase Revenue and Audience

In an effort to help members increase revenue and audience, the PNA is developing a series of educational white papers. The reports offer detailed information about a topic of interest to help our members better understand an issue, improve a process, or generate a better result. New topics are added on a regular basis, so check back often to see what may be of value to your news media organization.

Affluent Shoppers

Affluent consumers, with over $100,000 in household income, are a natural target audience for marketers, and newspapers excel at reaching this audience.

Events Revenue Generation

Successful news media organizations are diversifying their revenue-generating platforms to include event marketing.

Grow Audience

Increasing business by capturing new revenue streams and maximizing efficiencies is necessary for the success of any company, including news media organizations. 

Media Mix

News media organizations, like all companies, need to promote themselves in order to increase
awareness of their brand and remain top of mind to readers and advertisers.

Community Engagement
Increasing awareness and visibility of your products and services, along with building your company’s brand, is essential to the success of a news media organization.

Millennials, or adults 18-34 years old, are the first generation born in the age of the Internet. Their activities, interests, and actions are much different from the generations before them.

Native Advertising

Native advertising, also known as integrated or sponsored content, is growing in popularity as publishers and advertisers look for new ways to reach consumers and generate revenue.

Special Sections

What makes a special section “special” is that it provides a potential source of new revenue from new advertisers.

Social Media

Social media has transformed the way brands promote themselves. Where once brands could stand on promotion through traditional media, the last decade has forced them to revise promotional plans to remain relevant.

Tips to Help You Sell Digital Advertising
Ask any media sales person and they will agree, the sales process has become increasingly complex and more difficult over the past 15-years, but the goal remains to sell more while maintaining valuable relationships.
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