Calkins Family Distinguished Video Award

Calkins Family Distinguished Video Award


May 2019


Harrisburg, PA


Teresa Shaak




Calkins Family Distinguished Video Award

Congratulations to Jason Plotkin, York Daily Record/Sunday News, winner of the 2019 Calkins Family Distinguished Video Award!

Created in 2014, this special award recognizes one entry package – across all circulation divisions – for the best use of video by an individual(no team or staff entries). Videos can involve breaking and ongoing news, features and/or sports and can be supplements to print coverage and/or online only productions. Three different videos must be submitted, along with a cover letter to explain the use, background, and impact of the videos.  Work that has been entered in another category of the Keystones is acceptable.

Judges consider content and production quality as well as the value, creativity, and impact of the videos. Videos are reviewed for how well they conveyed a story and if readers/viewers were engaged.

Winner will receive a personalized plaque as well as a $500 cash award, sponsored by the Calkins family.

Entries for the 2019 award must have been submitted via the Keystone Press Awards contest by 11:59 p.m., January 31, 2019.