Public Notice Journalism Award

Public Notice Journalism Award


Award will be presented May 30, 2020


Harrisburg, Pa.


Teresa Shaak




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This award recognizes excellence in journalism that draws reader attention to public notices.

For purposes of this award, newspaper public notices are defined as those announcements or disclosures the law requires a private party or government entity to publish in or through a statutorily qualified newspaper. Stories must cite the public notice requirement and refer readers to the publication in which it appeared. Online references must include links. If the notice requirement was not met or was deficient, story must explain how and why notice was deficient. Stories may have been published in print or digitally or both.  PDF copies may be provided and/or working links to the stories. Include a short cover letter introducing the story and/or stories being submitted.

Entries are currently being judged. This contest is a category within the Keystone Media Awards.

Award will be presented at the Keystone Media Awards Celebration on Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Harrisburg.

Winning entry will be entered into the national competition to vie for the national award of $500, in conjunction with the Public Notice Resource Center. Presentation of national winner will be made at a recognized national association event.

Questions? Email the PNA Foundation or phone (717) 703-3003.