Can Your Systems Survive Summer Lightening?

Can Your Systems Survive Summer Lightening?


Clients are faced with many challenges to sustaining a successful business. These may stem from technology, the economy, current events and surprisingly, the weather.

People think of summer as a time of vacation and a laid-back business environment. It is the time of warm weather, devoid of snow and cold, that makes us all feel that nothing can go wrong.

That misconception often catches everyone totally off guard. We think only of winter storms as potentially destroying our homes, our businesses and disrupting our technologies. In fact, summer conditions often leave businesses at a major disadvantage as well.

Telephone salespeople and technicians can all recount stories of phone systems ruined by a summer thunderstorm and resulting lightning strike.

This writer has had that experience… coming to work on a Monday morning after a Sunday night violent storm.

The office phones were ringing off the hook with many clients calling us from their cell phones. Their old systems could not sustain a lightning hit and were basically “fried”, a common occurrence in systems without sufficient lightning protection. The damaged systems were not salvageable and required full replacement. Immediate attempts were always made to restore minimal phone service until new equipment could be ordered, implemented, and fully installed. Full service generally took a matter of weeks.

Newer systems generally have buffers providing protection to the CPU, although minimal damage may still occur.

What can be done to avoid or at least minimize damaging exposure from lightning and storms?

  1. Contact your vendor to inspect not only the system but also all cabling both externally and internally. Outside cables carrying your voice and data are particularly vulnerable. Insufficient surge protection can result in a direct transmission of lightning to your system, resulting in major damage. Bear in mind that most insurance policies do not cover “Acts of God”.
  2. Provide surge protection for your electrical circuits. Remember that a phone system relies on electrical power to operate. Lightning will seek out any path to destroy vulnerable electronics.

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