Legal Hotline: 2020 Election Special Edition

State and federal laws govern campaigns and elections in Pennsylvania. The following information addresses common issues faced by journalists and news organization sales professionals including political advertising rates, timing and disclosures; potential liability arising from political ads; and press access to polling places and election materials like voter records and ballots. PNA also provides information on the Pennsylvania Election Code on the PNA website as part of the Newspaper Handbook.

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Legal Hotline: Access to Election Returns

Q: What are the rules regarding public access to election returns? The Pennsylvania Elections Code makes election returns public records. In counties that use electronic voting systems, public access to returns is…

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Legal Hotline: Press Access to Polling Places

Q:  What are the rules on press access to polling places? A:   The Pennsylvania Election Code, 25 P.S. § 3060, provides, among other things, as follows: (a) Until the polls are closed,…

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Legal Hotline: Political Ads – Last Minute

Q: Isn’t there a rule in Pennsylvania or federal law that restricts last-minute political ads? A: There is no federal law or regulation that prohibits last minute political ads in newspapers, and…

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Legal Hotline: Political Ads – Size and Placement of Disclaimers

Q:  Are there laws that govern the appearance of disclaimers required in political ads? A:  Yes, state and federal laws govern the appearance of disclaimers in political ads. State and local election…

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Legal Hotline: Political Ads – State and Local Elections

Q:  We’re getting a lot of political ads for local and state candidates as the election season gears up.  What are some of the issues we need to consider when reviewing political…

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Legal Hotline: Political Ads – Federal Elections

Q:    An advertiser wants to place a political ad for the upcoming presidential election, but the advertiser does not want to include any disclaimer. Do political ads have to contain a disclaimer…

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