Column’s affidavit automation

Column’s affidavit automation

Column’s affidavit automation handles the whole process in two business days

“We literally don’t have to touch affidavits at all. Column handles the entire process, end-to-end. We haven’t looked back.”
Keven Zepezauer, Restoration NewsMedia, Column user since November 2020 & affidavit automation pilot partner

That’s why, two years ago, he made the decision to switch his papers over to using Column, whose core software product streamlines the entire public notice process for newspapers and their customers. Once his papers started using the software, Zepezauer’s team reduced the time they spent on public notice by 50%. “It was a huge time-saver,” he said.

This spring, it got even easier for Restoration’s five papers, when Column’s team approached Zepezauer about piloting the new full-service affidavit automation. “It was a program we desperately needed,” reflected Zepezauer. Column’s affidavit automation handles everything related to affidavits within two business days. As soon as the publisher uploads the e-edition of the notice, the affidavit automation kicks off, without the newspaper staff having to lift another finger. Column verifies that the notice ran, has in-house notaries who handle the notarization, organizes a two-way call between notary and signatory, then sends the publisher the final affidavit, all within two days.

“Column’s initial software reduced the time we spent on affidavits down to an hour a day,” Zepezauer said. “Now, with their affidavit automation, we spend zero time.”

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