What is the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) Foundation COVID-19 News Support Grant Program?

The PNA Foundation COVID-19 News Support Grant Program is a program providing grants to fill immediate gaps for resource-constrained news organizations across Pennsylvania during the COVID-19 crisis. The funding will be used to cover operating costs created by the crisis, buy equipment including items needed for remote work, fund special reports and coverage, reach vulnerable communities and more. Both for-profit and non-profit local news organizations are eligible for a single grant, up to $2,500.

$150,000 in funds from the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Foundation has been designated for a special COVID-19 grant program.



Who can apply?

Organizations that meet the following requirements (collectively, “Applicants”) may apply to the Grant Program:

  • Organizations may be newspapers and/or digital publications who are current members of PNA
  • Non-member Pennsylvania news organizations that meet the following criteria:
    • At least six months of continuous publication
    • Availability to the general public
    • Regularly updated content
    • Adherence to ethics and standards of journalism
    • No promotion of special interests of groups, individuals or causes.

Read more about who can apply for a COVID-19 News Support Grant.

When is the deadline?

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis starting on March 24, 2020.

Application submission ends on April 17, 2020, at 11:59 EDT, or when $150,000 in grant funds has been awarded, whichever comes first.  Applications will be reviewed within two business days of receipt.  Awarded applicants will be notified of their grant award on a rolling basis via email or telephone.  The awarded amount will be delivered in a single payment, via bank transfer.

Grant applications must be submitted through the PNA website.

What is my organization responsible for if I receive a grant?

Applicants agree that if they are awarded a grant, PNA and the PNA Foundation can use the information provided in the initial application and subsequent reporting form to share lessons with other local news organizations.

Grant recipients agree to participate in a survey to capture results and feedback.

Program Contacts

Melinda Condon
Executive Director
Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Foundation

Read the complete program terms here.