Digital Ad Operations Specialist – LNP | LancasterOnline

Digital Ad Operations Specialist – LNP | LancasterOnline

The Digital Ad Operations Specialist would join a talented digital marketing team that serves small to medium-sized businesses in Lancaster County and beyond. The digital ad operations specialist will organize, target, schedule and manage local digital advertising and programmatic/remnant advertising on LancasterOnline. The ideal candidate will have a strong passion for digital marketing with a desire to learn and grow.

Scheduling and Placing Digital Ads

  • Schedule and manage digital ads on LancasterOnline using Google Ad Manager (and on apps using their respective systems).
  • Schedule and manage all other types of paid advertising on LancasterOnline including sponsorships, video pre-roll, contests, and quizzes.
  • Prepare and place appropriate UTM tags for tracking.
  • Act as the organizational hub for LancasterOnline in accurately tracking current and future advertising to ensure that all scheduled insertions are placed on time and for the appropriate duration and impressions.

Remnant ad revenue maximization

  • On a daily basis, monitor and report on revenue generated by programmatic (remnant) advertising on LancasterOnline.
  • Actively manage this revenue stream to maximize its potential.
  • Manage relationships with multiple programmatic remnant vendors.

Customer Support and Quality Assurance

  • Work with ad sales staff to ensure that ad scheduling information is complete and accurate and that appropriate advertising creative is available in time for scheduling.
  • Constantly check work to ensure that the correct creative is running.
  • Provide ads sales staff with requested screenshots of advertising for co-op reimbursement as needed.
  • Troubleshoot and answer questions about ad scheduling.
  • Create and update landing pages as needed.
  • Monitor Google Ad Manager to ensure that campaigns have delivered the impressions contracted to advertisers. Extend ad schedules as needed to deliver all contracted impressions.


  • Create advertising performance reports using Google Ad Manager.
  • Create reports of upcoming advertising in order to keep artists apprised of creative that is needed.

Testing and Optimizing Advertising Performance and Profitability

  • Work with internal customers (advertising sales) to plan and manage advertising tests including measuring the performance of alternate creative (A/B test).
  • Using data from testing, make suggestions on how to help advertisers maximize advertising performance.


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably with a quantitative field of study
  • Two or more years’ experience using Google Ad Manager is required.
  • Some knowledge of HTML and the creation and placement of code for digital tracking
  • Strong analytical skills and an ability to interpret data and create digital marketing performance reports.
  • High skill level with MS Excel
  • Google Analytics experience a strong benefit
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately organize and manage multiple projects under intense time pressure.
  • Positive attitude and enjoyment working in a team environment