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Local Journalism in PennsylvaniaNewspapers work hard to provide real news and credible information about what matters most – news about local people, local government, local happenings and local businesses – all captured by members of the local community.

Newspaper journalists are curious watchdogs who investigate and report the truth. These dedicated professionals often expose difficult topics that negatively impact a community – many of which ultimately result in positive legislative action for the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Local Journalism in Pennsylvania

On the pages of the below publication, you will find a sample of the impactful and engaging stories that have been featured in newspapers across Pennsylvania.

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7 in 10 Pennsylvania Adults Read a Newspaper

In this era of increasing media consolidation and fragmentation, a free press that serves the interests of our communities is more important than ever. We are proud to say that the number of Pennsylvania’s print-based publications has remained stable over the past 10 years. In addition, Pennsylvania newspapers maintain very strong readership, with more than 7 in 10 Pennsylvania adults reading a newspaper, in print or digital format, each week.

A Source for Real News

Newspapers remain an important and powerful brand – the true source of real news. No other industry is as firmly rooted in the foundation of our nation as the free press. Pennsylvania newspapers are dedicated to preserving the Fourth Estate that continues to inform and inspire. Loyal readers validate the importance of our work by engaging with, and subscribing to, our news publications. We are proud to serve our local communities and are excited about our future.

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