National Newspaper Week 2021

October 3 - 9, 2021

During the first week of October, our industry recognizes the editors, reporters, sales teams, press operators and managers who contribute to producing the “daily miracle.” It takes a dedicated team to ensure that our readers have access to quality, truthful journalism.

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association designed a series of resources for our members to use during National Newspaper Week – October 3-9, 2021.

  • A print and digital ad campaign to highlight the emotional journey we guide our readers through
  • Guest columns from PNA President Brad Simpson and from PNA Board Chairman Joseph Wingert
  • An editorial guide to assist you in writing your own, locally-focused National Newspaper Week editorial
  • Complimentary articles that reinforce the importance of our industry in Pennsylvania
  • Editorial cartoons from the Newspaper Association Managers
  • A sales support flyer to assist your marketing teams generate new revenue
  • The third installment of the “Real News” newspaper, covering over 70 stories delivered by PNA members
  • International Carrier Day ads, provided by the News Media Alliance

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email

Emotional Journey Ad Campaign

Life is full of emotion.  Newspapers cover the journey like nobody else!

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Each day newspapers explore the topics that affect readers’ emotions. From hard-news reporting that gets the blood rushing to heartwarming stories that inspire. From long-fought battles to come-from-behind wins. Journalists see the community in all of its dimensions, and work hard to accurately and reliably cover the good, the not so good, and the sometimes ugly. Life is full of emotions, and newspapers cover the journey like nobody else.

These ads are provided at no charge to members of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association.


Advertising Fact Sheet

Shopping is an emotional experience. Finding that perfect pair of shoes, trendy new restaurant or quality home contractor is exciting for the consumer. Knowing that your advertising message appears in a quality publication and will be seen by potential purchasers is exciting for the retailer. Pennsylvania newspapers provide both audiences with what they need most.

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National Newspaper Week Guest Columns

Pennsylvania newspaper reach is unprecedented

Pennsylvania newspapers are a powerful force. Our mission today is no different than that of our predecessors: Deliver reliable news and information essential to taxpayers and residents so that they can make informed decisions about their lives, their families, and their communities. What has changed are the methods of news delivery, still firmly rooted in print newspapers, and expanded through news websites and social media to make the industry’s multipronged statewide reach unprecedented.

Our industry contributed $1.3 billion to the state economy in 2020, according to a newly released report commissioned by the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, our trade organization representing more than 350 print, digital and news media-related members statewide. The economic analysis reveals that our industry’s state and local tax impact was $51.8 million. The numbers demonstrate that Pennsylvania newspapers work diligently to support commerce and industry in our individual communities through news coverage and myriad advertising opportunities.

The vital relevance of our work shows in the reporting.

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Newspapers make Pennsylvania communities great places to live

National Newspaper Week presents an opportunity to reflect on the value of journalism: an American treasure essential to our way of life.

Around the globe and nationwide, across the commonwealth, and in our own backyards, newspaper journalists provide the accurate, fair, timely and thorough reporting individuals and communities need to make informed decisions. It is no surprise that news consumers in Pennsylvania continue to make newspapers, along with their websites and other digital platforms, the top source for local news and information.

Why is that? Newspapers are the most trusted source of news and advertising, according to data. Pennsylvania newspapers offer strong social and economic value to the state and its communities. A newly released report from the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association shows that in 2020 alone the state newspaper industry contributed $1.3 billion to the commonwealth’s economy. Moreover, newspapers and their employees are deeply rooted in the areas where they do business, which is proof of their high levels of commitment, engagement and community understanding.

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Editorial Fact Sheet

As we launch into National Newspaper Week and celebrate all our industry has accomplished, we encourage our members to remind their readers about how newspapers support the communities they serve. Our industry is committed to producing the “daily miracle,” whether it is the coverage provided by journalists in the field, the marketing assistance offered by sales teams, or the regular door-to-door delivery of the news product.

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Complimentary Articles

‘Embedded in our communities’

Karen Tyler wanted to become a coal miner, just like her father and grandfather.

When she heard in 1974 that Bethlehem Mines near Ellsworth was hiring women, Tyler was eager to grab a helmet and descend far beneath the Washington County hills. Family members worried for her safety, but Tyler pushed on and became what is believed to be the first female miner in Pennsylvania.

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This article is available to PNA members to publish in print or online at no cost.

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Call them the community ‘glue’

When COVID-19 descended upon Pennsylvania early in 2020, the fallout was swift and potentially devastating for a wide range of local businesses wanting to keep their doors open and hold on to employees and patrons.

LNP Media Group Inc. in Lancaster and Trib Total Media Inc. in Tarentum were quick to respond. The newspaper companies nestled in opposing southern quadrants of the state each developed advertising grant programs to help customers through the pandemic.

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This article is available to PNA members to publish in print or online at no cost.

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Public Notices

“Forty million in county bonds.”

“Notices of school borrowing – $5, $6 and $14 million.”

“Hearing on declaring a missing person dead. Person presumably has been murdered.’’

“Applications for pardons. Potential data breaches. Amending the state Constitution. An election proclamation of candidates and polling places. … Ordinance regulating feral cats.’’

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This article is available to PNA members to publish in print or online at no cost.

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Editorial Cartoons

This 81st annual National Newspaper Week is a recognition of the service of newspapers and their employees across North America and is sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers.

The below editorial cartoons are made available through PNA’s partnership with NAM.

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Real News Newspaper

For the third year in a row, PNA collected your most impactful and engaging stories and consolidated them in the Real News newspaper. On October 4, members of our staff will distribute the publication to legislators at the Capitol as a reminder of the meaningful work that industry professionals do to inform and educate readers in local communities across the commonwealth.

Despite much change in the past year, one constant has remained: The people of Pennsylvania continue to turn to our local newspapers for credible and reliable information. We could not be prouder of the essential work that each of your organizations does every single day. Thank you for all that you do to support our industry.

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2021 International Newspaper Carrier Day Ads

Each year, the News Media Alliance recognizes the accomplishments of newspaper carriers who are working hard to get the newspaper into the hands of our readers.

This year, the newspaper industry has designated Saturday, October 9, 2021, as International Newspaper Carrier Day, a salute to the many newspaper carriers who deliver the news to Americans every week.

The News Media Alliance produces ads for newspapers to run in their print publications each year to thank our hardworking newspaper carriers, without whom many people would not receive the news.

Access the 2021 International Newspaper Carrier Day Ads

The News Media Alliance has produced International Newspaper Carrier Day ads for use during National Newspaper Week and on International Newspaper Carrier Day. We have also provided a variation of the Thank You Family Ad for postal workers who deliver the newspaper. We encourage members to run the ads in your publications to show support.

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