PNA releases Little Book of Coronavirus Coverage

PNA releases Little Book of Coronavirus Coverage

During the turbulent and uncertain times wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, Pennsylvania’s newspapers have risen to the occasion, as they always do when faced with adverse circumstances. From providing up-to-the-minute factual reporting on the disease to sharing inspiring stories about local heroes and community members coming together to help one another, news media organizations throughout the commonwealth have continued to do what they do best: rally for the benefit of the readers and the community.

Since reporting on and responding to the coronavirus pandemic is so timely, the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) wanted to consolidate and share the information and resources that we have received from our members and developed internally, to date, through the Little Book of Coronavirus Coverage. We sincerely hope that you find value and inspiration in replicating and utilizing the programs and tools created by your fellow PNA members. We will continue to update this document with new information, and we look forward to the day when there is nothing else to add because the coronavirus is a distant memory.

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We are interested in hearing about the challenges you are facing, the successes you have achieved and how you are helping and/or informing your community during the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact Matt Caylor, director of strategic services, at or 717-703-3040, so your news media organization can be highlighted in one of our upcoming Promotional Spotlight features.

We at the PNA commend each one of you for the excellent work that you are doing to keep readers informed during the COVID-19 crisis. We could not be prouder to represent such an exceptional group of individuals and organizations. Thank you for all that you do.