PNA’s “Pennsylvania Connections” Newspapers for Students

The 2022 edition of Pennsylvania Connections (formerly the “Real News” newspaper) will be available in October.  A copy will be mailed to all Pennsylvania high schools, colleges and universities as soon as available with details on how to request more copies.

Newspapers in Pennsylvania have a long history of providing timely, accurate and informative news to the citizens of the commonwealth. We deliver the stories that matter most to residents of local communities, stories that often cannot be found elsewhere. Despite all the challenges and uncertainties that have largely defined 2021, one constant has remained: the people of Pennsylvania have continued to turn to our local newspapers for credible and reliable information to help guide them through these turbulent times.

Pennsylvania’s journalists work tirelessly to provide readers with news and information they need to make informed decisions and stay safe. From COVID-19-related topics, including state guidelines and mandates, business openings and closings and back-to-school and back-to-sports coverage, to reporting about community protests and riots and scrutinizing political candidates and upcoming election platforms, these dedicated professionals are the cornerstones of our communities and the watchdogs of democracy. They advocate for increased transparency and expose wrong-doing, sometimes risking violence or arrest, all in the name of doing their job and civic duty, and doing it well.

In celebration of National Newspaper Week, the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association collected some of the most impactful and engaging stories written by Pennsylvania journalists at both large and small daily and non-daily and digital news media publications across the commonwealth and consolidated them into the Real News newspaper. It is our hope that these articles inspire you and serve as a reminder of the meaningful work that is being done by industry professionals to inform and educate readers in local communities. The skill and dedication of Pennsylvania’s journalists continues to yield strong results as more than seven in 10 Pennsylvania adults read a newspaper in print or digital format each week according to the most recently released Nielsen Scarborough research reports.


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