Promotional Spotlight: Altoona Mirror’s Pizza Deal Card

Promotional Spotlight: Altoona Mirror’s Pizza Deal Card

For the second time, the Altoona Mirror is selling a “Pizza Deal Card” that entitles the purchaser to receive a large two topping pizza from each of the eight restaurants that is participating in the promotion. A total of 250 cards are available for purchase at a cost of $39.95 per card.

The pizza shops that are taking part do not have any out-of-pocket cash outlay. They simply provide one pizza to each cardholder that visits their restaurant. The card is intended to drive store traffic and help participants gain some new customers.

Each participant’s logo and location is included in the Mirror’s print and digital ads that promote the card – an advertising campaign valued at over $10,000. In addition, each restaurant receives a $2,500 advertising package to use as they’d like within six months.

All of the pizza deal cards were sold the first year the Mirror ran the promotion, bringing in $10,000 in revenue. The publication expects to sell out again this year.

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