SCS Introduces Game-Changing New Technology

SCS Introduces Game-Changing New Technology

SCS is announcing a paradigm-shifting new application called Automated News Pagination (ANP) that automatically paginates news pages utilizing SCS AI.

“For a number of years, at the direction of our owner, Richard Cichelli, SCS has been refining the automatic placement algorithms (SCS AI) that have been the cornerstones of Layout-8000 and SCS/ClassPag to now include content along with advertisements,” according to Kurt Jackson, SCS’s Vice President and General Manager.

ANP does not rely on endless InDesign templates. Instead, it uses content-package template abstractions that can create multiple paginated page results that editors and creatives can choose from.

For integration with Content Management Systems, ANP is engineered to work with SCS’s Community Publishing System as well as most third-party CMS solutions.

The application is ready for beta test use targeting a roll-out in Q4 2021. Visit for additional information or call SCS at 610-746-7700 and ask to speak with Kurt Jackson or Phil Curtolo to learn more.