Holiday Revenue Program

PNA Members Can Generate Revenue Through Promotion of "A Christmas Carol"

Through a collaboration with Byers’ Choice Ltd., makers of the well-known Carolers® figurines, PNA members can earn revenue by promoting a new film version of “A Christmas Carol” performed by British actor Gerald Dickens, a great-great-grandson of author Charles Dickens. For each $20 download purchase made by your readers through the end of the year, your news media organization will receive $10.

For over two decades, Byers’ Choice Ltd., makers of the well-known Carolers® figurines, has sponsored Dickens’ annual U.S. Tour where the actor brings “A Christmas Carol” to life for audiences around the country. Plans for this year’s tour were changed due to the global pandemic. Only this year, it can be seen in the comfort and safety of our homes through an online streaming performance–offering all of us a new tradition this holiday season. Access to the film may be purchased for $20 and is a perfect gift for a family to come together, at home or virtually, to hear and watch the Christmas classic as only a Dickens can tell it. The film trailer for a preview of Gerald Dickens’ version of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is available here.

Streaming of the film will be available through Vimeo through December 31, 2020.

To participate in this program, simply complete and return the Film Distribution Agreement and begin running the digital and social media ads that PNA has developed. Your publication will receive a unique URL that will allow your readers to purchase the film download while giving you credit for the purchase. Byers’ Choice Ltd. will send you a check for your portion of the purchase proceeds in mid-January.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Step One

Register for the program by completing and returning the Film Distribution Agreement to Byers’ Choice Ltd.

Upon receiving this information, Byers’ Choice Ltd. will email you back a confirmation and a unique link that you will use in all your promotions. This link, to the performance on Vimeo, is specifically yours. Anyone purchasing the performance through this link will result in a $10.00 commission to you.

Please note that this performance can only be viewed on any internet-connected device, such as a computer, Smart TV, laptop, or mobile device as it is only viewable online.

Download the Film Distribution Agreement

Step Two

Utilize the available ad copy and your unique link to promote download purchases of “The Christmas Carol.”

Promotion can being as soon as you receive your unique URL and run up through December 30.

Available Ad Copy

Remember, this unique online-only experience is only available through December 31.

Step Three

Receive a weekly cumulative list of who has purchased the video using your link along with their name and email address.

In January 2021, Byers’ Choice will mail your organization a check for the commissions made on the total rental purchases through your unique link.  For example, if you have 25 customers who rent the video, Byers’ Choice will send a check for $250.00.