PNA Affinity Member Programs

Increase Your Advertising Revenue, Save Money On Utilities and Protect Your Organization

Do you want to know how you can save money on your energy bill, or how your advertising team can close more sales, or are you just looking to make sure your company is covered if your data is breached?  The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) has partnerships that can help.

PNA is excited to bring our members several solutions that can either help you save money or generate additional revenue.

Available Programs

Grow Your Sales

Use the 30-day free trial offer from Pulse Research to boost your sales with insider knowledge on how thousands of shoppers are looking to purchase products and services in your community.

Cut Your Power Bill

With the assistance of energy management and consulting services, save money on your monthly power bill.

Protect Your Organization

Is your data protected? If not, it should be. Brown & Brown can protect not only your data but your company as well.

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