Maximize your sales with the Advertising Manual

PNA has compiled several of our most popular marketing and sales sheets into one booklet.. These sheets emphasize why newspapers should be included in every marketing plan, offer insight on how to create effective ads, and provide a better understand on how to market to each generation. Download the full booklet here, or individual sales sheets below.


Why Newspapers?

Newspapers vs. Other Media
Newspapers outperform all other media: radio, television, cable television, billboards, magazines and direct mail.

Trust In Newspapers
In print or online, newspapers are the most trusted source of news and information among all age groups.

Benefits of Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper ads, whether print, digital or a combination of both, offer many benefits to an advertiser.

Selling to the Generations
Baby Boomers: Baby boomers are the wealthiest generation and account for half of consumer spending.
Generation X: GenX controls more than 30 percent of the purchasing power in the U.S.
Millennials: Millennials, or Generation Y, account for a quarter of the population and are loyal newspaper readers.
Generation Z: GenZ is the largest and most ethnically diverse generation in American history and spends more time reading physical newspapers without interruption.

Traditional and Digital Media Used for Purchasing Decisions
Newspapers top the list of traditional media used for purchasing decisions


Sales Strategies

Category Specific Sales Sheets
Targeting local businesses is easy with these industry-specific flyers filled with relevant market information.

Seasonal Sales Sheets
Working in tandem with the Category Specific Sales Sheets, the Seasonal Sales Sheets highlight advertising opportunities for each season.

Co-op Advertising
Learn the basics of co-op advertising with this detailed and informative brochure.


Advertising Routine

The Importance of Effective Frequency
It takes time for consumers to recognize and react to brand messaging, and higher advertising frequencies are required to impact behaviors such as purchase intent.

The Importance of Maintaining Advertising Consistency
Studies indicate that advertisers benefit from maintaining or growing ad spending during times of uncertainty.


Advertising Design

Tips for creating effective ads
Whether print or digital, the ultimate goal of an ad: for consumers to see, and respond to, an advertiser’s message.


Sunshine Law

Sunshine Act: Q&As
The PNA legal team answers 14 of the top questions about the Sunshine Act.

Meeting Objection Flyer
Text on how to object to a possible Sunshine Act violation.


Reporters’ Manuals

Right of Access to Judicial Proceedings and Documents
This user-friendly handbook provides a comprehensive overview of open courts jurisprudence, outlining the constitutional and common law presumption of access that applies to judicial records and proceedings, as well as court policies that impact public access.

Protection of a Reporter’s Sources and Materials
This user-friendly handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the Pennsylvania Shield Law and the Qualified Reporter’s Privilege.


Gender Identity Guides

For Reporters and Editors
This user-friendly guide assists reporters and editors at Pennsylvania news companies in handling matters of gender identity ethically and sensitively and reflects the perspectives of reporters and editors.

For Managers
This user-friendly guide assists managers at Pennsylvania news companies in handling matters of gender identity legally, ethically and respectfully. The content reflects the perspectives of reporters, editors and human resource professionals.