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2019 PNA Annual Survey

Each year, the PNA surveys our members to gather valuable information that is used for advocacy efforts on your behalf, as well as to provide you with useful tools that contribute to your ongoing success. The data we collect is analyzed, organized, and ultimately returned to you in the form of benchmark reports, revenue/circulation building “Big Books,” and more. It is our goal that these materials help spark new ideas and allow you to evaluate your organization’s performance in relationship to similar publications across the state.

For us to share the most thorough and useful information, we are asking all of our members to complete three surveys. We have included a brief description of each one below so you can opt to do them all yourself, or enlist the help of others in your organization to complete. As always, the benchmark information that you disclose to us will be kept strictly confidential. It will only be used in aggregate, along with the responses from all of our members, to develop benchmark reports on topics including 2018 revenue sources, staff size, PTO, salary, healthcare, and digital product information.

The answers you provide to a series of questions related to best practices/policies will be shared in a general format in our upcoming “Big Book.” These topics include initiatives to boost employee morale, engage youth, host community events, increase advertising and circulation sales, and e-edition strategies.

2019 PNA Surveys

Benchmarking Survey

Learn whether your newspaper is performing similarly to others of comparable size and scope. This survey includes questions about 2018 revenue, staff size, PTO, salary information, healthcare benefits, digital products, printing services, employee morale, and engaging youth initiatives.

  • We suggest that someone from management and human resources fill out this survey.
  • Estimated completion time is 20 minutes.

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Events and Advertising Survey

Tell us about any events you’ve hosted or promotions you’ve launched to attract advertisers, in the past two years.

  • We suggest that someone from advertising or marketing fill out this survey.
  • Estimated completion time is 10 minutes.

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Reader Promotions and E-edition Survey

Share the details of any promotions that you have launched to attract readers in the past two years, along with information about your e-edition strategies.

  • We suggest that someone from circulation fill out this survey.
  • Estimated completion time is 10 minutes.

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The benchmark reports that summarize the information received through these surveys will be delivered in early fall, and our next “Big Book,” also containing information from these surveys, will be released at our annual Publishers’ Convention on October 23-25 in Scranton.

If you have any questions about the surveys, contact our communications team.


2018 newspaper benchmarks

Be sure to check out the 2018 newspaper benchmarks that share valuable information collected from previous PNA member surveys.

2018 Newspaper Benchmarks for Newspapers under 10,000 in circulationPennsylvania Newspaper Benchmarks 2018 for newspapers 10,000 - 25,000 circulationPennsylvania Newspaper Benchmarks 2018 for newspaper 25,000 - 50,000 in circulationPennsylvania Newspaper Benchmarks 2018 for papers with over 50,000 circulation

Download the 2018 Benchmarks below: