Telecommunications Consulting – Compelling Reasons

Telecommunications Consulting – Compelling Reasons


It has been decades since acquiring a telephone system and getting Local/Long Distance services meant contacting the local phone company, a relatively easy and straightforward process. Now all businesses are bombarded with salespeople and advertisements from companies old and new with proposals and ideas that can either be useful for consumers or can be disastrous on so many levels.

We are listing five issues that are rarely talked about by salespeople that can have a definite impact on the success or failure of any telecommunications acquisition.

1) Telecommunications is an integral part of any business. In this everchanging industry, technology offerings must be tailored to the functioning and success of your business not the other way around.

2) Contracts for telecommunications equipment and services can be confusing and misleading. The onus is on the client to read and understand them.

3) Vendors generally offer services on a lowest price basis. It is the easiest thing to demonstrate. Service and client contact can only be demonstrated after the installation. Support and repair organizations may or may not exist, often leaving the client with systems or services they are forced to live with. In the case of voice or internet services, that is generally the remaining length of a 36-month contract.

4) When engaging communications vendors, the biggest contractual pitfall is the “Automatic Renewal” clause. Term agreements for voice/data and internet services often get renewed without the client’s awareness. Renewal terms listed on the website rather than the signed agreement obligate the client to be informed. Notification of website placement is generally in small print on the agreement. Typical terms state that if the vendor is not notified of the client’s desire to end the relationship within 30 or 60 days of its ending date, the contract will be automatically renewed. Depending on the company, this may be for the initial term. If the Automatic Renewal clause is solely on the website, the client has no way of knowing if it has been revised during the term in the company’s favor. There are steps to be taken to avoid this trap.

5) Many consulting companies charge either project or hourly fees for their advice. There is no guarantee that their money is well spent. In addition, budget priorities often place telecommunications review off the table. Telecom Strategies never bills a client for reviews or reconciliation of problems. Our residual income is derived from the companies we represent. If the client is under contract with our suggested vendor, we are compensated.

Hopefully, your company has not incurred any of the issues referred to here. Telecommunications, including internet services, is an essential acquisition for your business.

Telecom Strategies LLC has been providing consulting for these services since our inception. We have always been at the ready to assist clients before, during and after the acquisition and installation.

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