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2023 Student Keystone Media Awards Event

The Student Keystone Media Awards contest winners will be honored on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, at WITF's Public Media Center, 4801 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17111. The PNA Foundation will supply plaques to all first place winners and certificates to all second place and honorable mention winners in attendance at the event. Following the event, certificates will be mailed to winners not in attendance with the option to purchase plaques. PRE-REGISTRATION is required for all student winners attending the event to ensure their names are called during the presentation. The PNA Foundation covers the cost of the event for all student winners. The cost of lunch for any guests (i.e. advisers, school officials, family, friends, etc.) is $35 per person. DO NOT INCLUDE ADVISERS OR SCHOOL OFFICIALS ON THIS FORM. A separate form is required for all advisers or school officials. See the PNA website at https://panewsmedia.org/event/student-keystone-media-awards-event/. DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 2023.
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Price: $35.00
Please enter up to four guests (i.e. parents, family) per student winner paying $35 per person. DO NOT INCLUDE SCHOOL ADVISER IN THIS SECTION. A separate form is required for all advisers or school officials.
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