What happens when your telephone system vendor or manufacturer goes out of business

What happens when your telephone system vendor or manufacturer goes out of business


During our 40 years in the telecommunications industry, Telecom Strategies has witnessed the demise of many equipment manufacturers as well as voice/data companies. In addition, mergers and acquisitions can result in major changes and confusion for customers. For example, clients may suddenly receive bills from companies other than the ones they originally
contracted with.

All too often, when industry changes occur, businesses are left in the lurch, caught by surprise, not knowing where to turn.

Two developments occurred in the last few years you may have heard

The Toshiba corporation decided to “wind down” its telephone division worldwide, closing its sales divisions in the US, Canada, and Mexico. They initially stated that they would continue to support existing systems, providing parts were available. They have since closed that division, withdrawing all support to existing dealers and customers.

This situation affected over three hundred dealers in their national network and tens of thousands of their clients. No system migration plans were offered for any of the affected parties.

On the network side of the business, Broadview, a national provider of “cloud” communications as well as other data services, was acquired by Windstream, another national voice/data company.

This merger was confusing and disruptive to consumers regarding sales, service, and administration.

Telecom Strategies assists our clients by anticipating industry events and assessing the impact of these developments on their operation. We certainly want you to avoid three items we have witnessed over the years.

1) Telephone systems that cannot be serviced and repaired.

2) An immediate rush to find a replacement system in the event of a total failure.

3) The shock experienced when a bill is received from a local/long distance or data carrier that you have not originally contracted with. These are usually accompanied by new rates and terms of service.

Let us augment your internal staff to help you understand such disruptions, review options, and ensure a smooth transition to
the selected solution, maintaining control over your business and bottom line!

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