What value does a telecommunications consulting service provide?

What value does a telecommunications consulting service provide?


Telecommunications consultants guide their clients in the choice of the most appropriate telecommunications solutions for
their business needs, ensuring that clients fully understand proposals and costs.

It is essential to choose only those companies that have demonstrated expertise, reliability and responsibility to their
clients over many years. With the guidance of a telecommunications consulting company, you can prevent the risk of
making a poor choice.

How does a company select a Consultant?
Interview the consultant and ask about their history and experience in the telecommunications business. Ask for
references from clients in your industry or from clients of a similar size. Perform as much due diligence as possible.

What can a client expect from a Telecommunications Consultant?
You should expect the consultant to maintain an ongoing relationship before, during and after the installation. You should
feel confident that you will be able to continually rely on the consultant for the life of the telephone system or services
you have selected.

How is a Consultant compensated for services?
In the past, consultants billed the client either by the job or on an hourly basis. In today’s marketplace, there are more
attractive compensation options. The optimal arrangement is to select a consultant who serves as an agent for a wide
variety of companies and products: telephone systems, hosted systems and carrier services. That consultant (i.e. Telecom
Strategies, LLC) can provide services at no cost to their client. Compensation for the consultant is provided by the
companies they represent. As a result of this new approach, anyone can afford to have the telecommunications expertise
previously available only to major corporations.

What are a Consultant’s responsibilities?
A consultant is responsible for assessing a client’s business needs and proposing efficient, cost effective solutions. The
consultant educates the client about the benefits and risks of each solution. They partner with their client in the planning
and establishment of priorities, enabling the client to decide what should be implemented immediately or as part of a
longer term strategy.

The consultant is then responsible for soliciting bids from viable vendors. The decision itself is a collaborative process
involving both the consultant and the client….but the process doesn’t end there. The consultant is your partner throughout
the life of the product/service, overseeing selection, installation, training and ongoing maintenance.

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