Your Valuable Home Helps Homeowners and Residential Landlords Make Educated Decisions

Your Valuable Home Helps Homeowners and Residential Landlords Make Educated Decisions

Education is a key reason people listen to podcasts, and education is the essence of the Your Valuable Home Podcast. It’s no surprise then that after only a few weeks of podcasting 1) the Your Valuable Home podcasts are available at every major podcast directory and 2) as a newbie at Apple Podcasts, it already has nearly 1,000 subscribers (week-to-week listeners) at this one, albeit critical, directory.

Your Valuable Home’s mission is to help homeowners and residential landlords make informed decisions. Take the podcast set to release on Friday, April 22. The YVH hosts interviewed Donna Butts, Executive Director of Generations United in Washington D.C., about her organization’s recently released survey of multigenerational living arrangements…a solution that has increased in popularity during the Covid period.

Your Valuable Home earned a reputation for consistently generating excellent, educational content during our seven years of radio broadcasting.

Now, as podcasters, they are convinced that hard work and excellent educational content that benefits our listeners will again fuel Your Valuable Home’s popularity. And the more popular the podcast becomes, the better for PNA members who choose to license YVH archived content. The hosts of Your Valuable Home will continually promote the availability of the library at PNA licensee websites, driving more visitors in your direction.

Archived Your Valuable Home shows that aired on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Philadelphia’s top talk radio station, in 2019 – 2020 are now available for licensing by PNA members for 1) transcription and use in print and online and 2) use as re-mixed sound files that can be included in licensee online editions.

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