Your Valuable Home Podcasts

Your Valuable Home Podcasts

Your Valuable Home content is key!

Hear for yourself why Your Valuable Home archived content is a great addition to your publications – and an avenue to incremental revenue.

After only two months of podcasting, Your Valuable Home is already available at…

Our content is key to earning a voice among our audience of homeowners and residential landlords, and it’s working.

Our very first featured podcast interview with a top executive from the National Association of Realtors (What’s Driving the Great American Migration?) resulted in us being called upon for comments on multi-generational living by Generations United, The Wall Street Journal and a Canadian online publication.

As podcasters, we continue to cover subjects of interest and value to homeowners and residential landlords:

from failsafe window installation (Success is Spelled T-Y-V-E-K.)

to a warning about possible extra charges for investors in HOA-run communities (Lessons from the Learned Landlord and Property Manager.)

to creative ways to energize cities and towns (Why Some Cities and Towns Flourish and Others Flounder Parts 1 and 2.)

Hearing is believing. Check out all Your Valuable Home Podcasts to date at Leverage our archived content and our on-mic endorsements of PNA members who license it.

Remember YVH content can drive incremental revenue a number of ways, including:

  • Create 52 special sections with our content. Sell sponsorships to local businesses: franchisees in hardware and other chains, local banks, insurance brokers, etc.
  • We’ll do two shows per 12-month period, especially for PNA member readers/ listeners…another local sponsorship opportunity. Create a reader contest…solicit suggestions for these two shows.
  • Sell sponsorships to the edited versions of our MP3 files and post on your online editions.