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It's time to wake up, Pennsylvania Newspapers! For too long, other media sources have been heralding the decline of newspapers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only have Pennsylvania's print and online newspapers survived the economic downturn, many are now thriving with new innovation, an engaged audience, and increased readership.

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Why newspapers? Because Pennsylvanians love their newspapers! A large majority of Pennsylvania adults 18 and older have read a print or digital newspaper in the past week. 82% of them! 4

That's 26% higher than the national average.2

Newspapers have consumer power. Adults use newspaper inserts to decide what to buy. In fact, eighty percent of adults 18 and older used inserts in the last 30 days when making purchasing decisions3

If you're a local company looking to advertise, newspapers are the place to go. Nearly half of Pennsylvania adults (47%) who use any advertising for local sales and shopping information say their primary source is the printed newspaper4.

And who says age matters? Adults of all ages read Pennsylvania newspapers1.
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4 2016 Release 2 – Scarborough Report, Copyright 2017. Scarborough Research. All rights reserved.
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