Lobbying Resources

The legislative affairs team comprised of PNA lobbyists and an outside government affairs firm work tirelessly in Harrisburg and across Pennsylvania to advocate for public policy that: serves the business interests of the news media industry; promotes local journalism; protects press freedom; and ensures open and transparent government across the commonwealth.

Public policy issues

The PNA legislative affairs team advocates for public policy serving the business interests of local news media and championing legislation that fosters essential, robust and compelling journalism.

Legislative support

Our legislative professionals work collaboratively to promote public policy that advances issues of greatest concern to our members while opposing bills that would adversely affect Pennsylvania news media organizations and their journalists.

Newspaper research

Local newspapers are key not only to reporting the news and information people want and need, but they are also essential to the economic health of the Pennsylvania communities they serve.

Achieving legislative success

The PNA legislative team is dedicated to serving the interests of our members. These are the goals to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Public notices in Pennsylvania

Public notices are advertisements that inform the public about important government actions before they take place. Public notices are required by law and they must be published in print newspapers of general circulation.

PNA Advocate of the Year Award

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Advocate of the Year award recognizes “dedicated leadership and outstanding advocacy for the Pennsylvania news media industry.” The 2023 recipient of this honor was state Rep. Robert Freeman, who serves as chairman of the Pennsylvania House Local Government Committee.