Resources for Members

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association provides a variety of resources to support our members’ advertising and marketing efforts. From revenue-generating sales flyers and DMA-specific research information to educational tools and statewide advertising campaigns, we are here to help you grow your business and promote the news media industry. 

For organizations looking for assistance in buying digital or print advertising, please visit PNA’s media placement agency, MANSI Media.

Please visit the Training and Events section of our website to see a list of upcoming opportunities and archived training for advertising personnel.

The following advertising and marketing-related resources are available to all PNA members at no cost. 

For more information on membership or member benefits, contact Jane Hungarter at 717-703-3041 or

Advertising Sales Support Flyers

Whether you are looking for information that highlights the benefits of print and digital newspaper advertising, identifies consumer purchase intentions, or showcases how adults of all ages engage with news media, PNA provides a variety of advertising sales support flyers available for our members to download.

Big Book Educational Series

To help news media organizations in Pennsylvania identify new revenue streams, PNA developed a series of “Big Books” focused on topics of relevance to advertising and marketing personnel. These publications include proven and successful ideas from PNA members and industry experts.

Marketing and Designated Market Area Research

Research is a critical part of the media buying process. Relevant data can help marketers feel more confident about investing their advertising dollars with your news media products. PNA has access to industry-leading information from two respected sources: Nielsen Scarborough and AdMall®.

Political Advertising Resource Center

Experts project that political ad spending for the 2024 election cycle will top $16 billion (updated), breaking previous records. PNA provides members with access to detailed information about each candidate, special interest group and political action committee, including contact information for their media decision-makers.

Sales and Marketing Hotline

PNA members are encouraged to contact our Sales and Marketing Hotline for answers to your advertising- and marketing-related questions.

Statewide Advertising Campaigns

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association has developed a variety of statewide print and digital advertising campaigns for our members’ use. Subject areas run the gamut, highlighting news media’s role in providing information communities want and need while touting local news outlets as the most trusted source of information. Sharing these messages with your readers underscores how critical local journalism is to the health of communities across the commonwealth.