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Legal Hotline

Legal Hotline: Quasi-Judicial Deliberations

PNA Legal Hotline

Q:  A zoning hearing board heard testimony on a zoning application, took public comment, and then announced that they would “meet privately to discuss the application and public comment.”  After the private…

Contests & Awards

Keystone Media Awards

The Keystone Media Awards reinforce excellence by individuals in the news media profession, by recognizing journalism that consistently provides relevance, integrity, and initiative in serving readers and audiences, and faithfully fulfills its First Amendment rights/responsibilities.  Deadline to submit entries and online payments is Monday, February 7, 2022.


The Business of Storytelling

Join us for an energetic 60-minute session where we’ll explore why branded content is so effective for media organizations. We’ll spend time learning about the revenue potential, how the best campaigns are created and what is included in a successful sales strategy.