2024 Election Tips & Tools

Through a partnership with the John Kimball Group, PNA provides our members with access to detailed information about each political candidate, special interest group and political action committee, including contact information for their media decision-makers.

Voter-focused Marketing Sheets

Be sure to utilize the DMA-specific marketing sheets that highlight the media usage habits of Democrats, Republicans and independents when making your politically focused sales calls.

  • Erie DMA
  • Harrisburg/Lancaster/Lebanon/York DMA
  • Johnstown/Altoona DMA
  • Philadelphia DMA
  • Pittsburgh DMA
  • Wilkes-Barre/Scranton DMA
  • Pennsylvania

Readers Vote and Voters Read

PNA has developed a PowerPoint slide deck for our members to use while presenting to political organizations. The first three slides include voting and political donation trends among newspaper readers. Additional slides and templates are available for members to customize with circulation and readership information, ad sizes and rates, other products and packages available and contact information.


Building Revenue: Finding That Needle in the Billion-dollar Political Golden Haystack

Money spent by candidates and advocacy groups keeps growing.

This webinar looks at what’s happening in Pennsylvania, how to take advantage of a database of candidates, issue groups and their buying agencies, why you should call on your state political party chairs, and a couple of ideas from other newspapers across the country that have proven successful in generating new revenue from this multibillion-dollar category.

If you need your login credentials, please email info@pa-news.org with your name, title and phone number.


Political Advertising Questions

Do you have additional questions for the PNA Legal Hotline?

As a member of PNA, you can contact our on-staff attorney by email at melissam@pa-news.org or phone, at 717-703-3080.