Membership in the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association will benefit your organization in many ways. Our mission is to advance the business interests of Pennsylvania news media organizations and to promote a free and independent press. Whether you work in management, editorial, advertising, production, or circulation, the PNA is here to help.

PNA provides members with a variety of tools and services, including: 

Legal Hotline

PNA members receive free unlimited counseling from the PNA Legal Hotline 365 days a year. The hotline handles thousands of calls annually about laws that impact journalists and the publishing industry.

Legislative Support

PNA advocates public policy serving the business interests of local news media and champions legislation that fosters essential, robust and compelling journalism.

Training and Events

Virtual and in-person regional or statewide workshops and events to help members expand their revenue generation, improve writing, drive audience development, enhance management and increase industry knowledge.

Advertising & Marketing Materials

Increase revenue generation and industry awareness with sales flyers, research information and statewide advertising campaigns.

Contests & Awards

Contests and awards programs recognize the outstanding achievements of news media personnel, student journalists and company leaders.


PNA provides tools and services targeted to newsroom staff, including press passes/hang tags, complimentary articles and a subscription-based editorial cartoon service.

Headlines & Deadlines

PNA’s e-newsletter apprises members of association and industry news and information along with legal and legislative topics.

For Students

The PNA Foundation provides training, recognition programs, tools and grants for high school, college and university students across Pennsylvania.