The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association provides a variety of tools and services for those who work in the newsroom, including press passes/hang tags, complimentary articles to publish, gender identity guides, a subscription-based editorial cartoon service as well as the opportunity to apply for a PNA Foundation Fellows Grant.

Please visit the training and events section of our website to see a list of upcoming opportunities and archived training for reporters, editors and managers.

For more information on membership or member benefits, contact Jane Hungarter at 717-703-3041 or

Pennsylvania Press Passes and Hang Tags

PNA will provide a complimentary press pass to each of our members’ employees. While a press pass is not a government ID, it is intended to help you gain access to accident scenes and other restricted areas, entertainment/sports venues and similar events. It also aids police, other emergency personnel and security services in quickly identifying and verifying media personnel.

PNA Foundation Fellow Grants

The PNA Foundation Fellows Fund for the Future has set aside money for journalism grants to be used by news companies to start new initiatives or enhance current projects. Grant funds can be used for hiring correspondents, purchasing equipment and providing staff training as well as other project expenses.

Complimentary Articles

A variety of articles are available for PNA members to publish at no cost.

Editorial Cartoon Service

PNA offers a syndicated package of statewide editorial cartoons by Randy Bish. Each subscriber receives at least three cartoons per week for just $8. New cartoons are posted each day they are received.

Gender Identity Guides

Two guides – one for reporters and editors and one for news media managers – were developed to assist PNA members in handling matters of gender identity ethically and sensitively.

PA Connections

Since 2018, PNA has produced a statewide newspaper to showcase local journalism and its vital role in keeping Pennsylvania communities healthy and our shared democracy strong.

Big Book Educational Series

To help news media organizations in Pennsylvania engage readers, PNA developed a series of “Big Books” focused on topics of relevance to editorial personnel. These publications include proven and successful ideas from PNA members and industry experts.

Diverse Source Database

PNA Foundation Fellows Funds were instrumental in the creation of Spotlight PA’s groundbreaking statewide diverse source database. We encourage all Pennsylvania newsrooms to utilize this valuable resource as they work to improve diversity efforts and better reflect the communities they cover.