Ordering Pennsylvania Press Passes

Those who work in the editorial department of a Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association member organization may apply for a complimentary press pass.

Using your login information to access the PNA website, follow these instructions to register for the free 2024 press pass. If you do not have a PNA username and password, email info@panewsmedia.org.

How to Order a Press Pass

  1. Visit your PNA profile and upload a photo for your press pass.
    • Visit your profile page.
    • Select “edit” next to “Image on File.”
    • Choose a photo to upload and submit.
  2. Visit the PNA store and start your no-cost order.
  3. Add your press credentials to the shopping cart and click on the “Secure Checkout.”
  4. You may also add a vehicle rearview mirror “Press” hang tag for $7 when ordering your annual press pass.
  5. Review the information listed under “Recipient Information” and make corrections as needed.
  6. Select “Bill” to “My Company.”
  7. Submit your order. You will receive your press pass in two to three weeks.

Verifying Press Pass Credentials

Visit the link below to verify press pass credentials issued by Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association.