Ink and Impact:

Lebanon County Bulletin bridges gaps with printed journalism

Defying the digital tide, the Lebanon County Bulletin stands as an excellent example of the enduring power of print journalism. Founded in May 2023 by Jake Keiter, this weekly tabloid-size newspaper serves as Lebanon County’s trusted source for local news and community engagement.

Located in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, the Lebanon County Bulletin embodies the essence of community journalism. Its pages are filled not only with columns, photos and announcements, but also with the heartbeat of the local area — from government proceedings and school board meetings to vibrant community events and business updates.

At its core, the mission of the Lebanon County Bulletin is simple yet profound: to keep readers informed and connected to their community. Through fair and accurate reporting, the paper strives to amplify the diverse voices and perspectives within Lebanon County, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding among its residents.

Unlike many news outlets today, the Bulletin remains exclusively available in print format one day a week. While snippets of its journalism can be found online at, the full Bulletin experience is reserved for subscribers or patrons who purchase the paper from local retail partners for just $1 per issue.

Developed by Jake Keiter, who serves as founder, editor and publisher, the Bulletin was born out of a desire to fill a void in local journalism within Lebanon County. Formerly commuting to The Sun in Hummelstown, Keiter recognized the need for a more intimate and locally focused news source in his own community.

“Working with The Sun was more than just an experience; it was an opportunity that will always hold a special place in my heart,” Keiter said. “It allowed me to witness firsthand the vital role of hyper-focused local journalism, something my own community was sorely lacking.”

“Starting the Lebanon County Bulletin was more than just launching a local newspaper; it was about preserving history, forming a community, and recognizing the everyday efforts of our community members that often go overlooked.”

Alongside business manager Julie Keiter and two occasional freelance journalists, Keiter spearheads the production of each edition, ensuring that every story resonates with the local community. Embracing innovation, the Bulletin actively seeks out new avenues for community engagement, often appearing at block parties, parades and other events to distribute free newspapers and foster connections.

During these community events, the Bulletin’s staff regularly distributes kid-friendly papers that are the same tabloid size as a traditional newspaper, inspiring the next generation of print lovers with the tactile feel of the physical page. Each edition includes fun facts about Lebanon County and interactive puzzles and games.

As the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, the Lebanon County Bulletin is proud to preserve the tradition of print journalism. Through its commitment to community engagement and local storytelling in a print-only format, the Bulletin dares to be different in an ever-changing media landscape.