Amplifying Butler County’s voices with the Alter Eagle podcast

For over a century and a half, the Butler Eagle has been a trusted voice of Butler County, delivering the narratives of its residents with authenticity and dedication. In its latest endeavor to amplify community voices, the publication proudly presents the Alter Eagle podcast, an innovative platform hosted and produced by Laura Crago.

Alter Eagle exceeds the conventional bounds of storytelling. The podcast offers an insider perspective into the lives within Butler County through its seasons, each dedicated to exploring a distinct facet of local life. From mental health to culinary delights, education to personal anecdotes, the podcast resonates with the diverse experiences that define the region.

Laura Crago, the driving force behind Alter Eagle, articulates its mission succinctly: “to unveil what this town is made of.” It’s a testament to the resilience and determination of individuals who, like Crago, are committed to enriching their community.

Available on major platforms such as Apple, Spotify and Google, Alter Eagle ensures accessibility to a wide audience, fostering dialogue and understanding across Butler County. The recent episode, “Mother’s Memories,” for example, features poignant narratives from local women and a man who offer candid reflections and observations of motherhood.

The journey of crafting each episode is a testament to Crago’s dedication. While she spearheads much of the production, occasional assistance from fellow staff members complements her efforts, particularly for on-location recordings. Despite the challenges, Alter Eagle operates with a modest budget, primarily relying on internal funding to sustain its growth trajectory, with hopes of adding more sponsors in the coming months.

Looking ahead, Alter Eagle envisions an expansion beyond its current scope. Plans include diversifying content with additional podcast channels, extending seasons to delve deeper into themes, and introducing miniseries to spotlight timely events. The success of initiatives like the Substance Use Disorder and Recovery season underscores the podcast’s potential to effect change and foster dialogue.

As Alter Eagle continues its journey, the podcast remains steadfast in its commitment to amplify the voices and stories that define Butler County. As host Laura Crago says, “creating more connection” in the community is at the heart of Alter Eagle’s mission.