The Herald (Sharon) Podcasts

Bridging gaps through
‘The New Generation’ and
‘Sports Report’ podcasts

In the digital whirlwind of today’s media landscape, The Herald in Sharon offers a blend of informative narratives and entertaining discussions. At the forefront of this initiative are two distinctive podcasts – “The New Generation” and “Sports Report.” They have not only secured their places in the hearts of local listeners but have also become integral to those seeking diverse and engaging content.

‘The New Generation’

Hosts — Photo Editor Tanner Mondok and Digital Editor Janeé Avery — cover various topics, including sports, pop culture, politics, and local news in “The New Generation.” They also interview local leaders, entrepreneurs, and other interesting figures. By tuning in to the show, listeners can expect insightful commentary, thought-provoking discussions, and up-to-date news to help them stay informed and entertained.

With a repertoire boasting over 100 episodes and featuring more than 50 guests, “The New Generation” stands as a testament to The Herald’s commitment to capturing the pulse of the community. Recognized with accolades such as the Best Podcast award at the Keystone Media Awards in 2022 and The Best of CNHI 2022 for Digital Storytelling of the Year, the podcast excels in providing insightful commentary and thought-provoking discussions.

‘Sports Report’

In response to growing demands for local sports coverage, The Herald introduced the “Sports Report” podcast. Hosted by Tanner Mondok and Sports Editor Dan Hiner, this weekly podcast has become a go-to for enthusiasts eager to stay updated on Mercer County’s athletic scene. Listeners can expect highlights about local high school athletes, coaches, and school affiliates.

With over 80 episodes produced so far, the podcast distinguishes itself by not merely reporting scores but by engaging listeners with interviews, strategic discussions, and insightful analyses – a grand slam for sports aficionados.

Connecting with the community through podcasts

Recognizing the podcasts’ unique ability to connect communities, The Herald encourages everyone to explore the narratives shared within “The New Generation” and “Sports Report.” Through the art of conversation, these podcasts bring people together, making them more than just shows – they are auditory journeys, capturing the essence of Mercer County and its diverse stories.