Advertising Services

As a Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) member publication employee, you are entitled to the following advertising services provided by the PNA.

Whether you’re looking for information about the strengths of newspaper readership, statistics that demonstrate the benefits of newspaper advertising or educational materials about competing media, a variety of customizable marketing tools are available for you to easily download and customize.

Available Tools


You’re familiar with the cost of advertising in your printed and digital products, but how knowledgeable are you with the costs associated with advertising with the competition?

As a member benefit, PNA will create a customized competitive media analysis sheet that offers detailed information on the coverage areas of each medium, as well as a cost per thousand analysis.

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PNA members may opt-in to receive the following publications:

Headlines & Deadlines

A weekly newsletter, published every Thursday, covers PNA events, member initiatives and updates, people news and more.

Promotional Spotlight

Promotional Spotlight is an addition to Headlines & Deadlines that highlights how PNA members are creatively marketing their products and organizations to better connect with readers and advertisers and generate revenue. Each post highlights a different member and their promotional efforts.

Big Book Series

News media companies across Pennsylvania are always identifying new opportunities to generate revenue, grow audience and increase reader engagement. A description of these initiatives, along with other complementary information, is included in each Big Book.

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In-Person and Virtual Training

Each year, the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association and the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Foundation provide conferences and training throughout the state for the various departments of our member news media companies. In addition, convenient teleconferences and webinars that vary in topic are held on a regular basis.

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Archived PNA Foundation Training

If you are unable to attend or find yourself needing information at a later date, webinars are recorded, archived and available for purchase.

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The PNA and PNA Foundation host numerous contests and awards throughout the year that recognize individuals and organizations for their recent work.

Popular Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • News Organization of the Year (NOY)
  • PNA Foundation Advertising Contest

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Sales and Marketing Hotline

Whether you’re looking for information about a particular category of business, consumer media preferences, co-op related data, or just “something” that will give you the sales edge, we will provide you with materials and statistics that will make a positive impression with your clients.

Legal Hotline

The PNA Hotline attorney routinely provides members with advice on laws that impact advertising such as trademark and copyright, public notice advertising, fair housing, fair employment, defamation and numerous other laws that impact print and online advertising. Advertising staff can call or email the PNA Legal Hotline anytime with legal questions or to submit content for pre-publication review.