Legal Hotline

LEGAL HOTLINE: (717) 703-3080

One of the PNA’s most popular services to our members is the free Legal PNA Legal HotlineHotline. PNA members may call the hotline with any legal questions.

PNA attorneys routinely provide members with advice on HIPAA, open records, the state Sunshine Act, use of independent contractors, libel, telemarketing, copyrights, the Pennsylvania Shield Law and legal advertising. Many reporters from PNA member newspapers rely on PNA’s attorneys for quotes on stories involving legal issues.

Members may also contact PNA’s Media Law Counsel directly via email.

Legal Hotline: Sunshine Act and Fired Employee Names

A borough fired an employee at a public meeting without disclosing the name. The council voted using the employee number only and cited concerns about employee privacy to support its position. Isn’t…

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Legal Hotline: Right to Know Law

A car accident tragically resulted in a fatality, but the coroner has refused to provide the name of the deceased, citing an ongoing investigation.  Does the Right to Know Law require public access to this…

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Legal Hotline: Juror Identity

Are the names and addresses of jurors impaneled in a criminal trial public? Isn’t the jury array already a public record? The jury array is a public record as are the names…

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Legal Hotline: NCAA trademarks

What are the rules when using the terms “March Madness,” “Sweet Sixteen,” “Final Four,” and other NCAA trademarks in advertising? Advertisers cannot use any National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) trademarked terms, phrases…

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Legal Hotline: Sunshine Committees

A borough council facing budget shortfalls created a committee to offer advice and investigate potential funding streams. Our reporter asked when the first committee meeting will take place, but the borough council…

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