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Keystone Media Awards – Professional




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Keystone Media Awards

The Keystone Media Awards reinforce excellence by individuals in the news media profession, by recognizing journalism that consistently provides relevance, integrity, and initiative in serving readers and audiences, and faithfully fulfills its First Amendment rights/responsibilities. Further, the Keystone Media Awards stimulate journalists to improve their craft and ultimately improve their community.

Congratulations to Keystone Media Award winners!

Results of the 2020 Keystone Media Awards are in, and hundreds of outstanding journalists are being recognized for their efforts. Listings of all winners, including Sweepstakes and special awards recipients, can be viewed on the Keystone Winners page.  Earlier this year, more than 2,700 entries were received from 122 news organizations. Entries – in 54 regular categories and eleven specialty categories across seven circulation and four broadcast divisions – were judged by journalists in Colorado.  With the merger of the PAPME News Excellence Awards Into the Keystones, this year’s contest featured revised circulation divisions, new and updated categories and the addition of AP Broadcast Awards.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the May 30 awards banquet has been canceled.  Awards will be mailed to all winners throughout the summer.  More details on a possible virtual celebration will be available in the coming months.

Questions? Email the PNA Foundation or phone (717) 703-3003.

Helpful Tip

Save entries throughout the year! To avoid the frantic rush during next year’s contest period, we recommend that you save your potential entries in a special file on your computer, or create a MyScrapbooks page through the BetterBNC website. Then when contest time rolls around, you simply search that file for your best work!

2020 Professional Keystone Media Awards Contest Rules 2020 Professional Keystone Media Awards Categories

PLEASE NOTE!!  The Keystone Press Awards and the PAPME News Excellence Awards have been merged into one contest.  Beginning in 2020, there is only one contest – the Keystone Media Awards – to enter, featuring categories pulled from both contests as well as the AP Broadcast Awards.  All entries must be submitted through the Keystone Media Awards online system.

The combined contest is a result of the merger of two organizations, PSNE and PAPME.  As was announced at the 2019 PA Press Conference banquets, the Pennsylvania Society of News Editors and the Pennsylvania Associated Press Media Editors have joined their two organizations into one: the Pennsylvania News Leaders Association, a committee of PNA.  Going forward, this group of editors will assist the PNA Foundation with the Keystone Media Awards.

New this year:  Revised circulation divisions, new broadcast divisions and new/revised categories!  Please be sure to read through the contest rules and category descriptions.

Past Winners