Celebrating National Newspaper Week – Oct. 1-7, 2023

During the first week of October, our industry recognizes the editors, reporters, sales teams, press operators and managers who contribute to producing the “daily miracle.” It takes a dedicated team to ensure that our readers have access to quality, truthful journalism.

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association developed a series of resources for our members to use during National Newspaper Week – Oct. 1-7, 2023.

  • A print and digital ad campaign that recognizes and thanks the readers who support community journalism.
  • Guest column from PNA President Bill Cotter.
  • Guest column from Bob Rolley, publisher of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and The Express (Lock Haven).
  • A sales support flyer to assist your marketing teams generate new revenue.
  • International Carrier Day ads and additional resources.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email marketing@panewsmedia.org.

Thank You Ad Campaign

We appreciate our readers

Newspapers provide communities with accurate, fair and fact-based reporting. During National Newspaper Week, take the opportunity to thank readers for their continued trust and support.

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Guest Columns

William  Cotter
PNA President

In print and digital. Always local.
National Newspaper Week celebrates readers,
and trusted community journalism

The Friday night high school football game.

Notice of a city council meeting where higher property taxes will be discussed.

News of an impending county commissioner election and plans for a Veterans Day parade, the opening of a downtown cafe and the retirement of a beloved police officer.

These are the kinds of news events integral to the everyday lives of Pennsylvanians, yet they are also unique to the individual communities we call home. Providing the essential local news and information that can’t be found anywhere else has been the business of community newspapers for generations.
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Bob Rolley
Publisher, Williamsport Sun-Gazette
and The (Lock Haven) Express

We fight the good fight

Mrs. Jordan, an 80-year-old, longtime newspaper subscriber, recently called me to ask what channel the Little League Baseball World Series U.S. championship game would be on.

I called her and told her.

Not long after, Mr. Benson – a 20-year-old local resident – sent the paper a Facebook message asking when the community’s Grand Slam Parade in celebration of the LL World Series would step off.

We messaged him back the answer.

Our newspaper staff offers this kind of information every day – in the many ways people seek our service.


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Advertising Fact Sheet

Shopping is an emotional experience. Finding that perfect pair of shoes, trendy new restaurant or quality home contractor is exciting for the consumer. Knowing that your advertising message appears in a quality publication and will be seen by potential purchasers is exciting for the retailer. Pennsylvania newspapers provide both audiences with what they need most.

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More National Newspaper Week Resources

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