Newspapers in Education

Newspapers in Education (NIE) is a joint effort between newspapers and schools to promote the use of the newspapers as an educational resource in the classroom. Using the newspaper helps teachers bring real world application to the subjects they teach. Area businesses, civic organizations and private donors, provide sponsorship dollars toward NIE programs so that teachers may use the newspaper as a dynamic and informative teaching tool.

Sponsorship Program for Newspapers in the Classroom

The PNA Foundation offers PNA member newspapers a program that gives NIE donors and potential donors a choice in making contributions to fund classroom sets of newspapers to schools. Donors have the option of sending their gifts directly to the PNA Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. Using the PNA Foundation as the recipient of gifts may allow individuals, corporations and foundations to deduct their donations as a charitable contribution. This option is possible because your newspaper is a member of the PNA and thereby also a member of the Pennsylvania NIE coordinators' group.

Here's how the program works

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