PNA Article – Data Privacy

PNA Article – Data Privacy

Complimentary “Data Privacy” Article for PNA Members

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) has created an article guiding consumers on data privacy.  This article is available to our members to publish in print or online at no cost.

For most Pennsylvanians, recent years have brought an increasingly significant reliance on technology: household projects, cooking and baking, banking and investments and social media. In each application, or on each website, there is a sign-up page with a host of questions or open fields requesting user data in order to proceed to the instructions, the recipes, the financial information and the photos and comments of friends and family. This seemingly simple data requirement “wall” is all that stands between the user and the product they seek, but does quickly and complacently providing such information open the door to making the consumer the product?

Featured Article Sources

  • Sarah Choi, Federal Trade Commission attorney for the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection
  • Kristin Phillips-Hill, Pennsylvania State Senator
  • Mark Weinstein, CEO and Founder of MeWe

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