Verify PNA Press Passes

Pennsylvania Press Passes

Offered by the PNA, a Pennsylvania Press Pass helps journalists gain access to accident and incident scenes. While a Press Pass is not a government ID, it has been widely publicized to law enforcement agencies to help police and other emergency personnel quickly identify and verify media personnel.  Below is a list of recognized holders of PNA Press Passes.




  • Anna Baughman, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Tom Beck, Newspaper Media Group
  • Ruth Bogdan, The Bradford Era
  • Jill Brubaker Reigh, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Patrick Burns, The Lititz Record Express


  • William Thomas Cain, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Carly Calhoun, The Hawk
  • Joann Ciavaglia, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Selena Cintron, Bethlehem Press
  • Nate Cobler, Centre Daily Times
  • Robert Cochran, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Jackie Collins, The Hawk
  • Jeffery Corcino, The Progress
  • Earl Corp, The Record-Argus
  • Brian D. Cox, The Sentinel


  • Eddie Daou, The Hawk
  • Crissa Shoemaker DeBree, The Intelligencer
  • Ben Destefan, The Courier-Express/Tri-County Weekend
  • Christopher Dolan, The Times-Tribune




  • Jeff Fishbein, The Sentinel
  • Brianne Fleming, The Courier-Express/Tri-County Weekend
  • Eric Ford, The Shopping News of Lancaster Co.
  • Tom Ford, The Boro
  • Riley Frain, The Hawk
  • Bruce Frassinelli, The Times News
  • Joseph Frederick, Associated Press


  • Debbie Galbraith, Lehigh Valley Press
  • Todd Gearhart, Upper Dauphin Sentinel
  • Lani Goins, Bethlehem Press
  • Rick Green, The Meadville Tribune
  • Leslie Grace, Scoop USA
  • Sherri Growden, Bedford Gazette
  • Joe Guty, Dillsburg Banner


  • Deborah Hannon, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Alexis Harpster, The Sentinel
  • Elaine Haskins, The Courier-Express/Tri-County Weekend
  • Christina Heintzelman, Harrisburg Magazine
  • Mikayla Heiss, The Progress
  • Vicki Henry, Bedford Gazette
  • Matthew Hess, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Julie A. Hocking, The Shopping News of Lancaster Co.
  • David Howell, Lehigh Valley Press




  • Marilyn Kai Jewett, Scoop USA


  • Nick Karpinski, The Hawk
  • Daniel Kitchen, The Record-Argus
  • Tyler Kolesar, The Progress
  • Patrick Kotnik, The Bradford Era
  • Brad Kreitzer, The Sentinel


  • Jacqueline Larma, Associated Press
  • Lorraine Lavender-Sams, Scoop USA
  • James Logue, The Times News
  • Giana Longo, The Hawk
  • Emily Loose, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Dennis M. Lyons, The Daily Item


  • Sehar Macan-Markar, The Hawk
  • David Martens, The York Dispatch
  • Aidan McGahey, The Hawk
  • Sheri C. Melnick, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Cassandra Miller, Pennsylvania Capital-Star
  • Emily Mistishen Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Mark Moran, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Ryan Mulligan, The Hawk
  • Rich Murawski, The Progress


  • Amyra Nadberazny, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Tyler Nice, The Hawk
  • Julie Noal, The Progress


  • Theresa O’Brien, Bethlehem Press


  • Bret Pallotto, Centre Daily Times
  • Holly Patterson, The Record-Argus
  • Frank Pizzoli, Pennsylvania Capital-Star
  • Gene Puskar, Associated Press


  • Peg Quann, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Tami Quigley, Bethlehem Press


  • Donald Reese, The Shopping News of Lancaster Co.
  • Michael Robinson, Scoop USA
  • Nancy Rokos, Bucks County Courier Times


  • Ramesh Santanam, Associated Press
  • Francis Scarcella, The Daily Item
  • Marcie Schellhammer, The Bradford Era
  • Ronald Schmick, Upper Dauphin Sentinel
  • Mark Scolforo, Associated Press
  • Ted Shaffrey, Associated Press
  • Nenagh Sheehan, The Hawk
  • Mitchel Shields, The Hawk
  • Matthew Slocum, Associated Press
  • Janet Smeltz, Upper Dauphin Sentinel
  • Cara Smith, The Hawk
  • Morgan Snook,
  • Jennifer Spinner, The Hawk
  • Christina Suttles, Beaver County Times
  • Justin Strawser, The Daily Item
  • Justin Sweitzer, City & State PA


  • Scott Tady, Beaver County Times
  • Julie Taylor, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Erin Thompson, The Sentinel




  • Vicki Vellios Briner, PennLive/The Patriot-News


  • Elaina Wall, The Hawk
  • JoEllen Wankel, The Bradford Era
  • Tayler Washington, The Hawk
  • Harold Wenger, The Shopping News of Lancaster Co.
  • Ashley Williams, Bucks County Times
  • Damon Williams, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Bill Woolworth, The Progress




  • Devin Yingling, The Hawk
  • Jaclyn, Yingling, The Progress


  • Rebecca Zemencik, The Citizen-Standard
  • Mark Zimmaro, South Philly Review
  • Tim Zyla, The News-Item