Verify PNA Press Passes

Pennsylvania Press Passes

Offered by the PNA, a Pennsylvania Press Pass helps journalists gain access to accident and incident scenes. While a Press Pass is not a government ID, it has been widely publicized to law enforcement agencies as a way to help police and other emergency personnel quickly identify and verify media personnel.  Below is a list of recognized holders of PNA Press Passes.


  • Wade Aiken, The Bradford Era
  • William Albright, The Sentinel


  • Andrew Bahl, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Robert Baker, Wyoming County Press Examiner
  • Kara Barmoy, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Cate Barron, PA Media Group
  • Mark Bartolo, The Record-Argus
  • Kristin Baudoux, The Mountaineer-Herald
  • John Beale, Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications
  • Shenid Bhayroo, The Hawk
  • Lawrance Binda, TheBurg
  • Karen Blackledge, The Daily Item
  • Ruth Bogdan, The Bradford Era
  • Bradley Bower, Associated Press
  • Bill Bowman, The Daily Item
  • Jay Bradish, The Bradford Era
  • Alyssa Burd, The Sentinel
  • Frank Burgos,


  • Joe Cannon, The County Observer
  • Thom Carroll,
  • Brian Carson, The Sentinel
  • Stephen Caruso, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Marco Cerino, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Tom Chapin, The Record-Argus
  • Robert Cochran, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Earl Corp, The Record-Argus
  • Paddy Cotter, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Brian Cox, The Sentinel
  • Jeff Cox, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Elizabeth Coyle, Bedford Gazette
  • Richard Crowe, Delaware County News Network
  • Sinead Cummings,


  • P.J. D’Annunzio, The Legal Intelligencer
  • Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press
  • Rick Dandes, The Daily Item
  • Kristen de Groot, Associated Press
  • Lynn Deary, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Peg DeGrassa, Delaware County News Network
  • Will DeShong, Bedford Gazette
  • Kathryn DiVirgilius, The Sentinel
  • Arthur Dowell, The Sentinel
  • Scott Dudinskie, The Daily Item
  • Stephany Dugan, Pennsylvania Legislative Services


  • Jim Eckstrom, The Bradford Era
  • Ruth Eddy, The Sentinel
  • Andy Elder, The Sentinel
  • Justin Engle, The Daily Item
  • Bob Esposito, Town and Country


  • Jon Fauber, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Jeff Fishbein, The Sentinel


  • Tabitha Goodling, The Sentinel
  • Mike Goss, The Sentinel
  • Jamie Greathead, The Fulton County News
  • Sherri Growden, Bedford Gazette


  • Deborah Hannon, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Kevin Hardy, Lehigh Valley Media Group/The Express-Times
  • Ben Heidorn, Bedford Gazette
  • Todd Heintzelman, The Sentinel
  • Andrew Heintzelman, The News-Item
  • Vicki Henry, Bedford Gazette
  • Adam Hermann,
  • Matthew Hess, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Brian Hickey,
  • Elizabeth Hill, The Sentinel
  • John Hilton, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Christine Hochrein, Mainline Newspapers
  • Mike Howells, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Kim Howells, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Todd Hummel, The Daily Item
  • Caleb Huntoon, The Bradford Era


  • Calem Illig, Mainline Newspapers
  • Robert Inglis, The Daily Item
  • Atiya Irvin-Mitchell, Pennsylvania Legislative Services


  • Tim Johnson, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Nick Jones, PennLive/The Patriot-News


  • Jimmy Kempski,
  • Julianne Kilmer, The Sentinel
  • Bailey King,
  • Dan Kitchen, The Record-Argus
  • John Kopp,
  • Brad Kreitzer, The Sentinel


  • Jacqueline Larma, Associated Press
  • Claudia Lauer, Associated Press
  • Nina Lehr, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Marc Levy, Associated Press
  • Benjamin Livingood, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Cheryl Long, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Dennis Lyons, The Daily Item
  • Matthew Lysiak, Orange Street News


  • Evan Macy,
  • Donna Maldonado, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Steve Manuel, The Sentinel
  • David Martens, The York Dispatch
  • Robert McGovern,
  • Andrew Mease, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Rebecca Mehringer, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Sheri C. Melnick,¬†Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Thomas Mihalek, Associated Press
  • Emily Mistishen, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Carrie Moniot, RMU Sentry Media
  • Marcia Moore, The Daily Item
  • Christopher Moraff, The Philadelphia Tribune
  • Mark Moran, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Jane Mort, The Sentinel
  • Molly Moser, The Record-Argus
  • Matt Mullin,


  • Amyra Nadberazny, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Steve Navaroli, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Zack Needles, The Legal Intelligencer
  • Alessandra Norcross,
  • Jill Norris, The Etownian
  • Joy Norwood, The Courier-Express/Tri-County Sunday
  • Henry Nyce, The Republican-Herald



  • Holly Patterson, The Record-Argus
  • Payton Patterson, The Record-Argus
  • Meredith Peachey, The Sentinel
  • Gene Puskar, Associated Press


  • Ernie Quatrani, Town and Country


  • Harold Raker, The Sentinel
  • Catherine Richardson, The Record-Argus
  • Jessica Richardson, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Kurt Ritzman, The Daily Item
  • Larry Roeder, Town and Country
  • Emily Rolen,
  • Larry Rosenthal, Associated Press
  • Matthew Rourke, Associated Press
  • Paul Rowan, Bedford Gazette
  • Michael Rubinkam, Associated Press


  • Kate Day Sager, The Bradford Era
  • Anthony Sambrotto, The Bradford Era
  • Ramesh Santanam, Associated Press
  • John Satterwhite, The Bradford Era
  • Francis Scarcella, The Daily Item
  • Marcie Schellhammer, The Bradford Era
  • Bradley Schlegel, Town and Country
  • Eric Scicchitano, The Daily Item
  • Mark Scolforo, Associated Press
  • Tim Shumaker, The Sentinel
  • Sam Shuss, Bedford Gazette
  • Jon Sitler, Times Observer
  • Matt Slocum, Associated Press
  • Andrew Smithmyer, Mainline Newspapers
  • Katie Smolen, Bedford Gazette
  • Ryan Spring, Bedford Gazette
  • Keith Srakocic, Associated Press
  • Justin Strawser, The Daily Item
  • Virginia Streva,
  • Matt Stricker, The Sentinel
  • Caleb Stright, The Record-Argus
  • Justin Sweitzer, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Joe Sylvester, The Daily Item


  • Michael Tanenbaum,
  • Erin Thompson, The Sentinel
  • Jack Thompson, Mainline Newspapers
  • Nicole Trayer, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Jon Tuleya,
  • Kevin Tustin, News of Delaware County



  • Vicki Vellios Briner, Pennlive/The Patriot-News


  • JoEllen Wankel, The Bradford Era
  • Codi Weyant,¬† Bedford Gazette
  • William Whisler, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Dawn White, PennLive/The Patriot-News
  • Ray Wilde, The Sentinel



  • Joshua Yoder, The Sentinel




Updated June 17, 2019