Verify PNA Press Passes

Pennsylvania Press Passes

Offered by the PNA, a Pennsylvania Press Pass helps journalists gain access to accident and incident scenes. While a Press Pass is not a government ID, it has been widely publicized to law enforcement agencies to help police and other emergency personnel quickly identify and verify media personnel. Below is a list of recognized holders of PNA Press Passes.


  • Joseph Augustine, Mon Valley Independent


  • Anna Baughman, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Tom Beck, Chestnut Hill Local
  • George Berkheimer, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Gavin Bethell, City of Basketball Love
  • Molly Bilinski, The Morning Call
  • Teresa Browne-Parris, MontCo Media, LLC
  • Jill Brubaker Reigh, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Blaise Brugger, Chestnut Hill Local
  • Jim Busch, Mon Valley Independent


  • William Thomas Cain, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Marion Callahan, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Harrison Cann, City & State PA
  • Karyl Carmignani, LNP
  • Joseph Carreon, The Canton Independent-Sentinel/Troy Gazette Register, LLC
  • Kathryn Clark, Bucks County Herald
  • Nate Cobler, Centre Daily Times
  • Brian Cox, The Sentinel
  • Brett Crossley,


  • Derek Danneker, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Mike Darnay, Mon Valley Independent
  • Peg DeGrassa, The Delaware County Daily Times
  • Jenny DeHuff, City & State PA
  • Christopher Dolan, The Times-Tribune
  • Siobhan Donaldson, Bucks County Herald
  • Kevin Donlin, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Jim Downey, Herald-Standard
  • Scott Dudinskie, The Daily Item




  • Jeff Fishbein, The Sentinel
  • Tom Ford, The Boro & Towne News
  • Joseph Frederick, Associated Press


  • Debbie Galbraith, Lehigh Valley Press
  • Kristen Gaydow, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Rick Green, The Meadville Tribune
  • Daniella Griesbaum, The Bradford Era
  • Randy Gross, Harrisburg Magazine
  • Sherri Growden, The Bedford Gazette
  • Joe Guty, Dillsburg Banner


  • Christopher Haring, Bethlehem Press
  • Christina Heintzelman, Harrisburg Magazine
  • Mikayla Heiss, The Progress
  • Jeff Helsel, Mon Valley Independent
  • Daniella Heminghaus, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Debby High, Bucks County Herald
  • Kristin Holmes, Chestnut Hill Local
  • David Howell, Lehigh Valley Press




  • Dylan Johnson, Daily American
  • Evan Jones, The Morning Call


  • Bob Kalinowski, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Halie Kines, Centre Daily Times
  • Heather Koontz, Bedford Gazette
  • Brad Kreitzer, The Sentinel


  • Lorraine Lavender-Sames, Scoop USA
  • Len Lear, Chestnut Hill Local
  • Clifford Lebowitz, Bucks County Herald
  • Heather Lewis, Conshy Courier
  • Donald Leypoldt, Bucks County Herald
  • James Logue, The Times News
  • Dennis Lyons, The Daily Item


  • David Martens, The York Dispatch
  • Matt Martin, Erie Times-News
  • Taria Mayo, Conshy Courier
  • Angi McCaulley, Bedford Gazette
  • Miguel Mejia, Uptown Standard
  • Ann Meredith, Bucks County Herald
  • Aaron Miller, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Cassie Miller, Pennsylvania Capital-Star
  • Christopher Millette, Erie Times-News
  • Tammy Mogart, Daily American
  • Marcia Moore, The Daily Item
  • Mark Moran, The Citizens’ Voice


  • Julie Noal, The Progress




  • Stephanie Panny, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Marley Parish, Pennsylvania Capital-Star
  • Holly Patterson, The Record-Argus
  • Cody Pattison, New Castle News
  • Carrie Pauling,
  • Frank Pizzoli, Pennsylvania Capital-Star




  • Ashlee Reick, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • John-Michael Rectenwald, Mon Valley Independent
  • Rich Reed, The Record-Argus
  • James Reeser, The Citizens’ Voice
  • Beth Ritter-Guth, The Times News
  • Carla Robinson, Chestnut Hill Local
  • Garret Robers, The Times
  • Jenny Roberts, The Morning Call
  • Nancy Rokos, Bucks County Courier Times
  • Carol Ross, Bucks County Herald


  • Ramesh Santanam, Associated Press
  • Freda Savana, Bucks County Herald
  • Francis Scarcella, The Daily Item
  • Marcie Schellhammer, The Bradford Era
  • Leisha Shaffer, Chestnut Hill Local
  • Ted Shaffrey, Associated Press
  • Lugene Shelly, Morrisons Cove Herald
  • Peter Sirianni, New Castle News
  • Bruce Siwy, Daily American
  • Matthew Slocum, Associated Press
  • Robert Smith, Mon Valley Independent
  • Ryan Spring, Bedford Gazette
  • Junious Stanton, Scoop USA
  • Daniel Stevens,  The Stroudsburg Herald
  • Jeffrey Stitt, Mon Valley Independent
  • Justin Strawser, The Daily Item


  • Julie Taylor, Pennsylvania Legislative Services
  • Erin Thompson, The Sentinel
  • Jaclyn Yingling, The Progress






  • Tyna Walker-Lay, Bedford Gazette
  • Jane Willig, MontCo Media, LLC
  • Bridget Wingert, Bucks County Herald
  • Paula Wolf, Central Penn Business Journal
  • Stacy Wolford, Mon Valley Independent






  • Felicia Zegler, Bucks County Herald