Salute to Journalists

Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Promotional Advertising Campaign


The “Salute to Journalists” campaign is a series of ads promoting a free press and the dedicated journalists who defend it. The three sets of ads are available for you to download and publish. Feel free to personalize them by adding your organization’s logo.

If you have any questions regarding the campaign ads, or need assistance in personalizing them, please contact Lisa Strohl at 717-703-3062 or

A Salute to Journalists

A thank you to the newspaper patriots who rise above the anti-media rhetoric to provide communities with knowledge and information. Two ad sizes are available – full page and half page. Feel free to personalize by adding your organization’s logo.

Defenders of the First Amendment

Journalists cover the local topics that matter most to communities and continue to be defenders and protectors of our First Amendment rights. These four ads highlight that journalists care, report the facts, inform the public, and strive to be fair.

Print ads are 3×10; Digital ads are 300×250. Feel free to personalize by adding your organization’s logo.


A free press means free access

It is the role of a professional journalist to question authority, expose wrongdoings, fight injustice and hold those in power accountable.

This file contains one 3×10 print ad. Download here.