Promotional Spotlight: Little League Baseball World Series

Promotional Spotlight: Little League Baseball World Series

Each August, Williamsport is buzzing with activity as players, families and friends arrive for the Little League Baseball® World Series. The Williamsport Sun-Gazette has a long-standing tradition of supporting the event by producing several fan-favorite keepsakes, including a special Little League Extra newspaper wrap, a Little League Scrapbook, a series of trading pins, posters that highlight the trading pins, and a complementary pin trading booklet.

For the duration of the series, the front of the newspaper’s sports section is wrapped with a special page, titled Little League Extra, that focuses on the day’s events, and includes other interesting content. A strip ad is available at the bottom of the page. This wrap is then repurposed as the front cover of that day’s newspaper which is sold at the venue.

The Grand Slam Parade, complete with each team riding on their own float, kicks off the event. Information about each team, along with photos from the parade, are used to create a Little League Scrapbook that is available for purchase. Blank pages for autographs, and advertising space on each page, rounds out the publication.

The Sun-Gazette also designs a series of unique trading pins that are offered for sale. A corresponding pin trading booklet is produced and distributed, free-of-charge, at the parade. Three full-page collectable posters that include images of the pins are inserted in the newspaper during the week of the event.

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