Promotional Spotlight: Trib Total Media Marketing Minute

Promotional Spotlight: Trib Total Media Marketing Minute

Trib Total Media’s Marketing Minute aids customers, sales team

While it is important and positive for staffers to be well versed in their company’s assets and offerings, it can create an information gap between the seasoned employees and their more freshman colleagues.  It can also be difficult for a veteran staffer to be consciously aware of the need to share information about standard programs and opportunities with new customers and even current customers with other needs.  These were some of the considerations Lindsay Bock, corporate communications manager for Trib Total Media, Inc., had in mind when she began planning for the Marketing Minute email and blog.  “I’ve just celebrated my 20th anniversary with Trib and I know it can be hard for our sales staff to get their arms around everything we have going on at any given minute, let alone our customers,” said Bock.

The Marketing Minute adheres to its name, as Bock says she regularly reviews the time necessary to read it and always comes in under a minute.  “I wanted to keep it short and sweet,” said Bock. “Hence the ‘Marketing Minute.’”  The email and blog are structured to share several brief pieces about different offerings and current information from Trib.  Bock regularly highlights the Trib Neighborhood News Network, High School Sports Network, Tribune-Review, the weekly community papers and Trib’s commercial print offering while sharing how customers can utilize advertising and promotion ideas within these sources to grow their overall marketing and sales results. Bock says the assistance works for the customers in another way, as it has become a conversation starter for the Trib sales team.  “I like to work with our advertising management team,” said Bock. “That way I can highlight things that are in line with their plans.”

Now entering its second year, the Marketing Minute is issued monthly, usually in the last week of the month, and Bock says she hopes to grow and develop the email and blog in several ways in the future.  “I’d like to do more (customer) testimonials,” said Bock. “We can talk until we’re blue in the face about how great the high school sports network is for advertising but when a customer actually talks about how many great leads they got from advertising there – that’s what really carries weight.” Bock would also like to include more marketing education articles in the Marketing Minute that will include tips and advice on different, more specific types and channels for advertising.  Overall, Bock says the internal Trib team as well as its customers are pleased with the email and blog.  “I just wanted to give an extra hand, some extra help to our customers, and to our sales and marketing team,” she said.

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