Freelance Journalist of the Year

This special award recognizes a talented freelance journalist for outstanding contributions to a newsroom. Freelancers may be parttime or fulltime, but must not be employees of the news organization. They may be independent writers, photographers, videographers or designers who work on a contract basis only. Work must be published through an eligible PNA member or non-member news organization and that organization must nominate them for this special recognition. Entry should include at least three examples of work produced and published in 2021. Could include stories, photos, videos, special projects, use of various platforms and other examples of the entrant’s outstanding work. Nominating letter (unlimited words) from supervising editor required. Entries will be judged together for overall excellence. There is no limit on the number of entries from any news organization or journalist; however, no more than one award will be given each year. The judges reserve the right to not award the number of specified awards per each category or give no awards at all based on the number of entries. Winner will receive a personalized plaque and a cash award.

This is a specialty category within the Keystone Media Awards.

Congratulations to the 2023 Freelance Journalist of the Year Award winner, M. Diane McCormick of TheBurg, Harrisburg.

Past Freelance Journalist of the Year Awards

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