Mike Blinder, Editor and Publisher

Mike Blinder, Editor and Publisher

Mike Blinder is a multi-talented, multi-media maven and entrepreneur.  From radio to TV to print, from morning personality to sales to management, he has walked the talk. Working at Radio Shack as a teen he developed an early interest in the internet and today he is one of the  leaders in internet marketing and sales.

Mike is best known for his training sessions where he brings his life-long learning and love of media together in entertaining and engaging classes in local markets across the US and Canada.  These sessions bring local advertisers and media together to help

advertisers understand the strengths of each medium so they can invest their ad dollars more effectively.

Media increase their revenue by increasing the impact of their multi-media

He has worked with 350+ newspaper, trained 10,000+ sales people and 100,000+ business people have attended his seminars.

He wrote the book “Survival Selling” and has been a sought after speaker at conferences around the world.

He sees his role as publisher of E&P as a natural extension to continue his mission to help both media and advertisers meet their goals. Mike has a boundless love of life and is energized by people which means he’d love to talk with you.

While Mike will continue to do some speaking events, he is looking forward to less time in the air and more time on the ground  listening to  E&P readers and reshaping the publication to meet the changing needs of the media market.