Statewide Ad Campaigns

Industry Advocacy Campaigns

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association has developed statewide marketing campaigns designed to emphasize newspapers’ credibility, hard work and dedication to community. These campaigns include print and digital components, as well as editorials.

PNA members are encouraged to use these materials and can customize them by inserting their logos/photos.

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Emotional Journey 2021

Each day newspapers explore the topics that affect readers’ emotions. Journalists see the community in all of its dimensions, and work hard to accurately and reliably cover the good, the not so good, and the sometimes ugly. Life is full of emotions, and newspapers cover the journey like nobody else.


Count On Us

There are so many important things to consider these days that directly impact you and your local community. Newspapers are important institutions in our communities, covering the issues that directly impact their readers’ lives. Readers can count on newspapers to keep them informed with unbiased, fact-checked reporting on the issues that matter most.


United With You

As communities are struggling to cope with the devastating impact of this pandemic, it’s more important than ever for newspapers to reassure readers that together, we will weather this storm and emerge as a stronger, tighter and more connected community.


Trust in Newspapers

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) has designed a series of print and digital ads that tout newspapers’ trustworthiness. for conscientious advertisers, surveys have shown that newspapers, in print or online, are rated as the most trusted source of news and information, making them a safe and effective option for brand advocates.


Foundation of Real News

Newspapers are Watchdogs

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association has developed a marketing campaign to demonstrate that newspapers are the foundation of real news. From reporting on current events and local politics, to community happenings, graduations, sports victories and personal achievements, local newspapers are the eyes and ears of the community.



Emotional Journey

PNA has developed an ad campaign that highlights how newspapers explore the many topics that affect a reader’s emotions and senses. From stories that get your blood rushing, wrinkle your brow, inspire you to call a friend or simply entice you to relax and read about your favorite team, newspapers see society in all shades and colors, and journalists do their best to accurately cover the good, the not so good and the sometimes ugly.


Trustworthy, Informative and Local

Trustworthy Informative and Local PNA Promotional Campaign

The PNA developed a marketing campaign reinforcing that news media organizations in Pennsylvania always report honest and credible news from dedicated journalists. It is the bedrock of what we stand for today, and will stand for always. We will never compromise on our core principles given to us via the First Amendment.


Salute to Journalists

The “Saluting Journalists” campaign is a series of ads promoting a free press and the dedicated journalists who defend it.


Real News

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association has developed a marketing campaign that highlights the important role Pennsylvania newspapers play in delivering real news.


Demand Facts. Support Real News.

Consider the Source PNA Ad Campaign

To highlight the importance of getting news and information from credible sources, the PNA developed a marketing campaign with the theme of, “Demand Facts. Support Real News.”


Pennsylvania Newspapers

PA Newspapers Local Credible Reliable Connected

The PNA developed a marketing campaign to demonstrate that no media works harder than newspapers to provide readers with credible information about what matters most.