News Organization of the Year (NOY)

News Organization of the Year (NOY)


Spring 2021


Pittsburgh, Pa.


PNA Foundation




News Organization of the Year

Congratulations to the 2019 News Organization of the Year winners!

Multi-day Publications:

First Place: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Second Place: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Weekly Publications:

First Place: Press And Journal, Middletown

Second Place: Pittsburgh Business Times

View the NOY Press Release.


About the revised News Organization of the Year (NOY) Award contest:

Still as prestigious, but now updated, improved and easier for you!

We heard you. Recognizing that NOY participation has been steadily decreasing over the past few years and that news companies are expressing that it is more and more difficult to find the resources and time to enter contests, the PNA Foundation convened a committee of various-sized PNA members. The goal:

To alleviate the entry demands, encourage participation and maintain the prestige and value of being named Newspaper of the Year.

The recommendation and final solution of the committee — with the support of the PNA Foundation Board of Trustees — was to eliminate the Foundation’s Newspaper of the Year as a separate contest. Instead, beginning in 2019, we will use points from the Keystone Press Awards and Advertising Contest as well as several specialty awards to determine which companies are overall winners.

The Advertising Contest has been updated to align more closely with the Keystones including revised circulation divisions, an addition of Sweepstakes Awards and Honorable Mention recognition. The Dew, Public Service, Reader Initiative and Public Notice Awards will now include winning points. And, a diversity category will be added to the Keystones so that all categories of NOY are represented and awarded.

Please spread the news across your departments. In order to accumulate points toward NOY throughout 2019, you will want to enter both the Keystone Press Awards and the Advertising Contest. No additional entry processing or fees are needed, but you must enter these contests in order to gain points.  Don’t be left out when the News Organization of the Year Awards are announced next fall!

Questions? Email the PNA Foundation or phone (717) 703-3003.